Champagne Humblot

The meeting of two Champagne Houses

Two cousins ​​Gérald Humblot and Stéphane Joly, brought up like brothers, each invest themselves, body and soul, in their Champagne House. Gérald Humblot created, ex-nihilo, the eponymous Champagne House. For his part, Stéphane Joly succeeds several generations of winegrowers within the Champagne House Veuve Doussot. They are working together to create and develop their Maison when suddenly in 2011, Gérald died at the age of 34, leaving Stéphanie Humblot and her two young children.

Immediately, the decision is taken by Stéphanie and Stéphane, the young Maison Humblot must continue to live and prosper in Gerald's memory. Seven years later, Stéphanie is in charge of sales and marketing for both Houses. Stéphane is responsible for the culture and winemaking for the two brands, while ensuring they maintain their own identity.