The ocean

From the tip of the Médoc to Hourtin lage

Go and meet these different seaside resorts which extend over more than 50km of beach supported by sand dunes, which are in turn supported by the vast pine forests of the Medoc-Landes region.

Enjoy the waves very popular with Atlantic surfers. A perfect geographical location close to shops and businesses as well as the many and various nautical activities to share alone, as a couple, with friends or with family.

Cordouan lighthouse

Cordouan, Historic Monument for 150 years !

The Cordouan Lighthouse was classified as a historical monument in 1862, at the same time as the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral. It is the oldest lighthouse in France still in operation. Its grandiose architecture has made Cordouan the “Versailles of the sea”, a unique lighthouse in the world, its visit can only amaze you.

Adresse : Quai Amiral Meyer, 17200 Royan
Téléphone : 06 68 00 79 05

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